Video: Sneak Preview of Our Wedding

Dionte and I are back from our adventures in South Africa, London and New York! We’re still adjusting to life at home and we’re reemerging to our friends and family. Everything has been such a whirlwind from the new year until now. There are a few key moments I remember from the wedding.  Overall, I remember […]

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Frequently Asked Question: What do you need most?

Happy March! With the wedding less than 2 weeks away, a lot of people have been asking what Dionte and I want and need most. Dionte has been teaching me to prioritize needs, so I figured I’d focus on those first in case any more of you have the same question. We really appreciate all […]

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Stamped with Stories: Our Invitations Decoded

As I alluded to in the bridal shower post, I’ve had quite an adventure with DIY wedding invitations. I’m thankful to my friends and family for all their help and patience helping me put these together. These babies are finding their ways to homes across the nation as we speak! Anyone who knows me well […]

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Showered with Wisdom, Fun, and So Much Love

With all the craziness and wonderful, yet time-consuming, opportunities that 2016 presents, I’ve admittedly found myself getting lost in it all. Even though we’ve spent months planning the wedding and making DIY invitations (which I’m in love with but I DON’T recommend doing. More on that on the next blog, whenever I finish sending those […]

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Meet the I Do Crew

Happy New Year from the Almost-Freemans! 2015 ended with exciting news that will take us on new adventures this year. More on that later. We’re excited to introduce our bridal party, which I like to call the I Do Crew. Each has such a wonderful place in our hearts. We’ve grown up with them, experienced […]

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In case you need hotel and flight info…

Wow, it’s December. It’s starting to hit Dionte and me that we’re getting married. I mean, it’s not like we completely forgot, it was just this abstract notion in the distance. Plus, we’ve been with our preparations for what’s happening after the wedding… more on that in a couple weeks. Anyway, we’ve realized that we’re […]

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Happy Thanksgiving!!!

We left Los Angeles eeeeeearly this morning to spend Thanksgiving with our family in Oakland. Heads up to anyone making the drive: avoid the 5 freeway. With a couple rounds of turkey in our systems, we are ready to watch the Cowboys win (even if it’s just the award for brightest uniforms. Don’t tell Dionte […]

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Away From… Los Angeles

Ashlyee and I have had… an interesting summer to say the least. With work, commutes, b-school apps, accounting classes, staring at a blank TV waiting for Scandal to return (don’t judge me), a crappy apartment, my promotion, GMAT, my job sending me half-way across the country for two weeks, and becoming BFFs with the star […]

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#ThinkingOutLoud: Where’s the sorbet?

Why do I insist on calling this tasteless smoothie lunch? My dress already fits. 

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Thank You Christopher Columbus!

Now I have to thank good ol’ Christopher Columbus for. Thanks to his day I had the time to do my hair/makeup trial and see my gorgeous dress. I’m so relieved to have things things out of the way. With school and work, we have so many things going on! Grandmommie, Mommy and Aamber were […]

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