Happy March! With the wedding less than 2 weeks away, a lot of people have been asking what Dionte and I want and need most. Dionte has been teaching me to prioritize needs, so I figured I’d focus on those first in case any more of you have the same question. We really appreciate all of your love and generosity throughout this journey. Here is what we need most:

Help moving out of state
We’re so blessed to have the opportunity to attend one of the world’s top business schools this fall. Yep, we’re getting married, moving, and I’m starting my full-time MBA program in a few short months. Not only will we be moving ourselves, but also we will move our cars, furniture, electronics, etc… We’ve never done this before  (Well, technically Dionte moved across the state, but this is next level stuff) so any help and advice you can provide would be greatly appreciated.

Since we will be out of state for the next 2-3 years, we will be traveling home on the holidays. We’ll also have flight obligations for MBA internships, events and activities. We’ll actually have a reason to sign up for all of those frequent flyer programs! Most frequently used airlines: Southwest, Delta, and American.

Some of our favorite moments together involve cooking and making conversation on Sunday afternoon. It’s something that we look forward to consistently implementing when we get married. We’re building a kitchen from scratch so we definitely need the essentials: pots and pans, a multi-coooker,  Pyrex (Tangent: how amazing are those Pyrex glass containers that you can bake, microwave AND freeze?!  I’m obsessed), etc…

Thank you so much, once again, if you want any additional ideas, please see our registry page.

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