• January 2010: Ashlyee and Dionte's first picture together. It was taken in Las Vegas before selfies were cool.
  • January 2013: Dionte took Ashlyee to Monterey Bay the weekend they became a couple.
  • November 2012: Ashlyee and Dionte conquered a 5k Mud Run/obstacle course together.
  • November 2012: ...There was a lot of mud on this obstacle course.
  • November 2012 Mud Run
  • February 2013: Ashlyee introduced Dionte to snowboarding. Together they learned friends don't let friends teach snowboarding (professional trainer required!).
  • February 2013 : Snow Day with Ashlyee's dad
  • October 2012: Ashlyee and Dionte make the pilgrimage to Jerry's house, a.k.a. AT&T Stadium.
  • October 2012: Ashlyee, Dionte, and Brandon (Groomsman) watch the Cowboys beat the Redskins.
  • 2014: Fun in San Francisco
  • December 2013: 1920s themed holiday party
  • April 2014: Ashlyee and Dionte spend an awesome weekend at Coachella. It included pitching tents, amazing performances, re-pitching fallen tents, and camping in the desert. One of their best memories together.
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