dash-invite-eAs I alluded to in the bridal shower post, I’ve had quite an adventure with DIY wedding invitations. I’m thankful to my friends and family for all their help and patience helping me put these together. These babies are finding their ways to homes across the nation as we speak!

Anyone who knows me well knows that I am anything but conventional. I’m also fiercely passionate about storytelling. That’s why I took on the massive undertaking of creating this website and making the invitations. It was very important to me that everyone knew our stories before we all met on our wedding day; that way we’re not strangers when you see me and Dionte at the altar. I love the unconventional nature of our invitations, because it shakes things up from tradition and allows me the opportunity to tell our stories.

Our wedding theme is The Story of Us; it’s a modern wedding with a dash of whimsy. We had a lot of fun infusing the theme into our invitation— starting with the fun and beautiful hand lettering by wisp & whim calligraphy and the blue envelope, for my honey’s love of the Dallas Cowboys (yeah it’s not Cowboys blue, but we don’t need to get that literal).

 I got pretty inspired by Pinterest and decided I HAD to have vintage stamps. But I couldn’t just pick stamps based on our color palette. They had to match our colors AND our story (with one exception, but read on to find out which one it is). I spent weeks scouring eBay to source the correct stamps. It was pretty tedious, but it was worth it. Here are the stories behind the stamps:

Elvis, Legends of American Music Series (issued 1993): This stamp represents where our love story all began, Las Vegas! You can’t visit Vegas without seeing Elvis, so obviously he has to be on our wedding invite 😉.

W.C. Handy, Father of the Blues (issued 1969): Dionte and I don’t always share the same taste in music, but I always admired his appreciation of Jazz and the Blues. One day, when I first heard it playing in his car, I called it “grown and sexy” music. Plus, I loved the fuchsia silhouette of W.C. Handy, who brought the Blues to the mainstream.

United States in Space, A Decade of Achievement  (issued 1971): This represents our love of adventure and our impending new frontier in life. Our best memories involve exploring new places together: whether it’s hunting for Austin’s “Greetings from Austin” mural and settling for Gourdoughs’ donuts instead, or starting a band called “MAN” and performing at Seattle’s Experience Music Project. I love that the “Decade of Achievement” stamp (right) has two astronauts on it. To me, it signifies that when we work together, not even the sky is the limit!

Jack London, Great American Series (issued 1988): Our first date was at Jack London Square in Oakland, California. I distinctly remember seeing Dionte for the first time in almost 3 years and instantly texting some of my best friends saying, “He’s still cute!” We ended up having the best first date ever, which is great because it was our last. Read more about that here.

Booker T. Washington Centennial (issued 1956): In honor of Black History Month and our shared commitment to education, Dionte and I thought it would be perfect to honor Booker T. Washington. Washington was a passionate advocate for education and found ways to thrive, and help others thrive, despite social constraints. He also founded what is now Tuskegee University.

Alexander Hamilton and Federal Hall (issued 1957): Let it be known: I knew Alexander Hamilton was cool well before the Hamilton musical. Ever since I was in 7th grade, Alexander Hamilton has been my favorite founding father. My teacher, Mrs. Whalen, brought his story to life so vividly that I felt like I could relate to him: I took pride in the fact that we shared initials, and admired how he adamantly defended his stances on what became the foundations of our Constitution and economy. His pen was his sword. So yeah, Alex doesn’t match my color palette; he doesn’t have to because he’s a boss.

You basically just got a snapshot of my brain: there’s a lot going on, but now you know there’s always a reason. Again, I want to thank Aamber, Candice, Charlie, Zenobia, Auntie Rhonda, Grandmommie, Mommy-in-law, Robyn, Carissa, and of course Dionte for helping me put all of these parts together! You all were amazing troopers💖.

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